Reviews & Testimonials

  • Aimone Pasqualin, Esq., Miami, Florida

    I became acquainted with Ms. Cistaro during her years in Miami, Florida. She is a highly competent, intelligent, hard-working and... read more

    Anusiga Yogeswaran, Esq., London, UK

    Jacqueline Cistaro is a great attorney with a real passion towards helping her clients and resolving their legal problems. She’s... read more

  • Darren H., New Jersey

    I hired Jacqueline when my attorney wouldn’t help me anymore. I was already incarcerated, so it was a leap of... read more

    Doreen Varela, Esq., Florida

    As an attorney for decades and prior opposing counsel to attorney Cistaro, I know she is a skilled attorney. I’d... read more

  • Dawn Macready, Esq., Tallahassee, Florida

    Ms. Cistaro is a highly qualified attorney. As a former Assistant Public Defender and current criminal defense attorney in private... read more

    J.V., New York

    If I have to recommend a lawyer for a criminal case, Ms. Jacqueline will be the first one that comes... read more

  • T, New Jersey

    Jacqueline, I want to thank you for your legal savviness and professionalism. The outcome of my case was better than... read more

    Anthony W. Hill, Esq, Chicago

    I had the opportunity to witness Jackie’s dedication and zeal in representing and advocating for her clients. While at the... read more

  • Marco A. Gonzalez, Jr., Esq., New Jersey & Puerto Rico

    Jackie is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise as a trial attorney and litigation strategist. I started working... read more

    Elliot Cohen, Esq., Philadelphia & New Jersey

    Jacqueline Cistaro is formidable adversary and at the same time, comports herself in the highest traditions of the Bar. I... read more

  • Ramy Aqel, Esq., New York

    As a colleague of Jacqueline Cistaro, I can attest to her excellent performance in all types of criminal cases. Highly... read more

    Aleksandra H, New York

    Ms. Jackie is very smart and absolutely amazing. I was hopeless about my court case and she somehow ended up... read more

  • Cynthia Cimino, Esq., New Orleans & Miami

    She is a highly skilled trial attorney who has dedicated her career to criminal defense.

    Client, New York

    Attorney Jacqueline is a great attorney. She helped me with my very serious criminal case.

  • Lori, New Jersey

    Jacqueline Cistaro represented me in court in New Jersey and she managed to dismiss the case! She is an excellent... read more

    Jessi, New York

    I would like to thank Ms. Jacqueline Cistaro for the great legal fight and help she provided on behalf of... read more

  • Renee F., New Jersey

    Jacqueline Cistaro is a true professional. I received a traffic offense that I felt was extremely unwarranted. I was facing... read more

    Judy Cullinan, Esq., Miami, Florida

    As former colleagues at the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office, I’ve known Jacqueline Cistaro for over 17 years. She is an... read more

  • Paula P., New Jersey

    Ms. Cistaro helped me tremendously when I first opened my small business back in 2013. There were so many ins... read more

    Deborah Tuzzo, MS, School Psychologist, New Jersey

    As a school psychologist, Jacqueline has consulted me with regard to juvenile clients in the criminal justice system. She is... read more

  • D. Higgins, New Jersey

    Great skills, efficient work ethics, prompt action and super person. Thank you for all f your help and understanding.

    Terrence O’Sullivan, Esq., Florida

    I have known Jacqueline Cistaro for over 15 years. She is an extremely effective and intelligent attorney. I have seen... read more

  • Silvia Schnitzer, Esq., Argentina

    Jacqueline Cistaro is the most intelligent, brave and compassionate attorney that I’ve ever known. Many clients have told me that... read more

Jacqueline Cistaro has over two decades of experience and brings a unique skill set to the practice of law as she has litigated hundreds of cases as both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Ms. Cistaro began her legal career as an Assistant Public Defender with the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office where she represented clients charged with criminal offenses ranging from misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. Ms. Cistaro aggressively defended clients in misdemeanor, felony and juvenile courts, from the arraignment phase through the resolution of their case, including numerous trials.